The Room of Many Things Beckons

I like to keep things. I like to put them away for a few months, years, or even decades, waiting for that perfect day to read a special book, or investigate whether a particular toy car is worth anything according to eBay. And sometimes, I simply forget what’s in some of the boxes.

Am I more hoarder than collector? Perhaps. Am I more collector than hoarder? Less likely. I love exploring the boxes of items stacked atop one another, finding items that spark memories of my life or the world in general. I love finding new items that others have cherished, and thinking about what it took to create those special things we’ve bought or been given, pondering their history

This online space is my virtual patch of exploration, a place for me to share my joy of discovery, and sometimes the choice of letting something go that I’m not interested in. Welcome, to The Room of Many Things.