Batman Shirt from JC Penny


It’s not uncommon now for big retail stores to carry shirts featuring comic book characters. But in the late eighties, the selection was much more spartan.

For a brief bit of time I became interested in comic books, and purchased what I still think is a great Batman tee in 1988. I believe the artist for this particular Batman was Norm Breyfogle — still researching.

Batman tee

Like many old tees, this one rarely ever gets worn. I recently attended a Batman themed birthday party for a good friend at a community cinema. So while the tee is mostly stowed away safely in a drawer with other historical items made of cotton, it does get used on rare occasions.

Status: Resident in Good Standing

I have no intention of kicking this tee out of TROMT. It takes up very little space and it’s fun — for me — to break it out for the ultra rare event that requires its presence. If I run into you at a showing of Batman, you know what I’ll be wearing.